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Consolidate/improve nested XML children elements

Consolidate/improve nested XML children elements

Feature request from markoshust, posted on GitHub Aug 13, 2015

Here is a screenshot of a module that is in development: screen shot 2015-08-12 at 9 56 47 pm

The deep nesting is a bit extreme and I don't think it is needed, specifically in regards to the name="children" elements. Is there any way to consolidate these by attribute rather than element, so setting something like is-child="true" accomplishes the same thing?

I haven't explored the Magento 2 XML layers significantly, however I'm assuming this appears in a few different other locations as well. Anything to assist us devs debugging this very deep nesting would be helpful.

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Status changed to: Investigating
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Comment from antonkril, posted on GitHub Aug 13, 2015

Solution here is to have separate UI component for checkout. This way we will be able to configure checkout structure in separate xml files with dedicated xml syntax that does not have node.

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Comment from piotrekkaminski, posted on GitHub Oct 07, 2015

@tkacheva are you tracking this?

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Comment from vkorotun, posted on GitHub Aug 04, 2016

Internal ticket: MAGETWO-51525