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Create a Media Library for reusing images

Create a Media Library for reusing images

Feature request from CRYX2, posted on GitHub Jul 08, 2015

Hello to all, it think it could be very usefull creating a media library for storing and retreving all uploaded files (for example like the Drupal media module:

It's very usefull for the users reusing an uploaded file for a product or for a custom entity (like news or blogs).

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Status changed to: Investigating
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Comment from CRYX2, posted on GitHub Jul 08, 2015

I do not think we should necessarily make a complex system such as Drupal. Without realizing systems too complex, creating a file as a single entity will simplify reuse and also any translation.

For example in optical SEO, an entity file may be composed of some additional fields such as Alt tag, or better still might have a chance to rewrite his url.

I think for a system so advanced as Magento this feature is now mandatory.

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Comment from choukalos, posted on GitHub Jul 09, 2015

Assigning to Tanya; we have a backlogged epic that covers a lot of this ( MAGETWO-4527 ).

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Hi there, Any news on the status of the internal issue? I too would love to see a functionality like this.