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Css changes reflect only after deploy command in magento2

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Css changes reflect only after deploy command in magento2

Feature request from devishreebalasubramanian, posted on GitHub Jun 01, 2016

Now i have created custom theme in magento2.Every time i wrote css it doesn't reflect immediately.I have changed mode to "developer".And also disable cache in backend.I have given the following commands to reflect my custom css.

*rm -f var/ -R**

rm -f pub/static -R

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

chmod 0777 var -R

chmod 0777 pub/static -R

It takes too much time to do my design work.So please anyone help on this.

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Comment from stamster, posted on GitHub Jun 01, 2016

First off, if you believe you have enabled "developer" mode in Magento - think again. Someone was that smart to assume that you'll develop only modules etc (code, business logic) and not themes / styling in developer mode. The thing is, even in a developer mode, Magento2 still has many levels of cache enabled. I have never saw such architecture. So your best shot during theme development would be to disable completely:

  • Layouts
  • Blocks HTML output
  • Page Cache

In System -> Cache management.

P.S. you should be aware of 777 permissions - that is just awful way of solving issues and making your entire instance insecure.