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Display "Friendly" Identifiers in Admin Panel

Display "Friendly" Identifiers in Admin Panel

Feature request from rtull, posted on GitHub Apr 04, 2016

In the "rules" interfaces in the admin panel (see Customer Segments or Promotions) selected objects show their ID, not a friendly name. This makes it very difficult in the admin to assess what values have been selected in a rules section because the IDs shown are not comprehend-able. Without loading the full selection list / grid interface, an admin user has no idea which specific items they have selected.

For example, selecting a particular category as a filter criteria show the category ID, not the category name. An admin user would have no idea which category this is without loading the category selector - which both time-consuming and non-obvious.

Recommend displaying admin text values instead of IDs to improve human administrator comprehension and admin speed of use.

Example Screenshot:

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Status changed to: Investigating
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Comment from hshar7, posted on GitHub Apr 04, 2016

Internal MAGETWO-51511 created to track this. Thanks, @rtull