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Editing and Previewing Mobile Scheduled Pages in the Admin

Editing and Previewing Mobile Scheduled Pages in the Admin

To plan out changes ahead of time on site, specifically on the home page, we use scheduled changes. An issue we have come across is that there is no way to preview these scheduled changes in mobile view.  A large portion of people using the mobile view not having that ability is a hindrance.


While we can make these changes on Staging, and push them live to view and test, we want to be able to completely ensure that the changes made on the Production site are perfect before going Live with the changes.

If we inspect the preview page and set the dimensions to mobile view, it does not reflect what will happen once the page is live.  It just smooshes up the desktop version of the page and adds no responsiveness.


Agreed.  This has been a major PITA for us as well..

Regular Contributor

It's not perfect but here is a workaround that will enable you to inspect the preview with inspector in Chrome in mobile viewport.


If you inspect the code, you will find that the preview content is loaded in the iframe.


The iframe has a URL that will have parameters at the end, like this: ""


If you open that link you will see the preview content withouth that sticky preview header and it will normally resize with element inspector emulating mobile browser.