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Error when I choose Weight = no

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Error when I choose Weight = no

Feature request from avoking100, posted on GitHub Feb 05, 2016

Hello guys. New to Github, New to M2, New to bugs.

When I add a new "Configurable product" I need to choose "weight". Now, since I dont have weight for this product, I choose "Weight" = No.

When I create configurations for this product, i see it generates VIRTUAL products instead of SIMPLE products. The problem is I want SIMPLE products, even I do not have a weight (!).

After I load the product again I See "Weight" =" yes", I try to save it as "NO" but it always keep showing "yes".

Now, the problem with Virtual products that are generated, is: when I go to checkout selection these products it does not offer me to enter shipping address. So this issue is critical for me. I can not make SIMPLE products using a "Configurable product" because I do not have a weight?

I hope anyone can help me and confirm it is a bug. Thank you!

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Comment from pynej, posted on GitHub May 16, 2016

Ok, So i partly figured out how to get around this by adding a weight to my configurable items, But I can't seam to fix the exiting items. I can to a mass edit to add a weight to the child configurations but this doesn't convert them back to simple items. If iI go into items one at a time and cgive them a weight and select product_has_weight then they convert to a simple item and work as expected. Not sure if there is a way to change all the child itmes to simple products without rebuilding all the configurations.