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Feature ... Captcha variants

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Feature ... Captcha variants

Feature request from MonteShaffer, posted on GitHub Jan 18, 2016

I have noticed that the Captcha plugin is available, and I have implemented in my Magento 2 store.

However, in the past, I have used much simpler Captcha plugins, and am curious why this version is considered the core, without the option to choose from one of several Captcha plugins. A little counter-intuitive to the abstraction goals of Magento 2.

For example, Visual Captcha ... drag and drop an icon ... or click on an icon to prove you are a human.

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Status changed to: Investigating
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Comment from MonteShaffer, posted on GitHub Feb 19, 2016

What does PROD label mean?

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Comment from mazhalai, posted on GitHub Feb 19, 2016

PROD label means it needs to be address by the Product team.

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Comment from pboisvert, posted on GitHub May 03, 2016

adding @piotrekkaminski as security PM owner

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Comment from piotrekkaminski, posted on GitHub May 11, 2016

This is on the roadmap, tentatively scheduled for next year. Internal ticket MAGETWO-46399.