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Feature Suggestion: Configurable products in Bundle and/or Groups

Feature Suggestion: Configurable products in Bundle and/or Groups

Feature request from intedyne, posted on GitHub Aug 28, 2014

It would be very helpful to add the ability of having configurable products as part of bundles and/or grouped products.

Use case: outfit builder. You have shirt, pants, and shoes. Each item has color and size. You want to sell the whole outfit, and allow customers to customize individual components.

Thank you.

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Status changed to: Investigating
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Comment from jonpday, posted on GitHub Aug 29, 2014


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Comment from vpelipenko, posted on GitHub Jan 29, 2015

Internal ticket: MAGETWO-27900

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Comment from ontic, posted on GitHub Feb 03, 2015

I've achieved this this in Magento 1, allowing configurable & simple products to be bundled (even with required options). I really hope this get implemented in the Magento code base so I don't have to re-create this functionality again.


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Comment from chasteIT, posted on GitHub Mar 18, 2015

This is functionality that many clients have requested. Configurable Bundle 2.0 by Wizkunde is the best extension I've found to solve this need. It could be used as a starting point. I can also say the most requested improvements are 1) ability to set configurable product pricing based on the simple products, 2) tier pricing based on selected configurable/simple product quantities. Hope that helps. See:

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Comment from claudiu-marginean, posted on GitHub Dec 07, 2015

:+1: If this functionality will be implemented in core Magento.

We had this request from one of our customers and used the extension "Grouped Options For Magento" from Brim.

We had to custom code a lot of JS to make it work with "Pre-Select Colors Plus Swatches" crom CJM.

Add on top of this an Ajax Add to cart and you have a good mix.

To support the level of prices that the customer wanted we had to implement the functionality @dustinnordquist mention in 1) and just found that this was already implemented in Magento 2 as part of issue #335

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Comment from robert198222, posted on GitHub Jan 24, 2016

:+1: Just like this:

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Comment from seansan, posted on GitHub May 02, 2016


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Comment from PierAlex, posted on GitHub Jun 03, 2016

A customer is just asking for the ability to create a group of configurable products (t-shirts, pants, etc. having colour and size). Will it be released nearly?

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Comment from seansan, posted on GitHub Jun 03, 2016

And it is o so necessary

This really is a missing feature!!! And in my opinion evne the 1.9x team should even make it backwards compatible and add it to 1.9x ....

See more detail here:

Best description:

The Wizkunde + Brim extension DO NOT support the exact request. Only simple request is: can we create a packaged (virtual) item out of an existing configurable product.

"Thx. In essence the only thing that needs to be done (to solve the question) is to create a stock multiplier. So if a pack consists of 3 sub products. Ordering 1 should result in qty = 3 for stock deduction. And even on invoice. So adding a multiplier observer should solve it everywhere and make it compatible with all other processes. Where would one add such a multiplier?"