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[Feature request] Add search boxes for some elements in admin

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[Feature request] Add search boxes for some elements in admin

Feature request from qmarlats, posted on GitHub Jul 17, 2016

For some elements in admin, it's (really) difficult to find what we search for. For example, in list of countries like "Top Destinations" (see picture), we have to look for one country at a time and select what we want slowly and without any error (otherwise we have to begin again). Even more horrible is time zones: the first time I searched for Paris I've spent about 3 minutes. So I think it would be a great usability improvement to use something like that!

capture d ecran de 2016-07-17 20-39-13

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Comment from tkacheva, posted on GitHub Aug 19, 2016

Hi @QMarlats, Is this about custom attribute input type only or there are places in default configuration that seems to have similar issues?

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Comment from qmarlats, posted on GitHub Aug 20, 2016

There are these kind of forms everywhere, starting at the installation for the time zone selection, then after in Magento configuration (like on the screenshot in my first post).

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I would love to have this fixed.  MSRP is working as if it was MAP when MAP is enabled in the configuration.  MSRP should always be a text field available to enter.  It should appear on the frontend with a strikethrough when entered.