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[Feature request] Backend usability for Quick Edit

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[Feature request] Backend usability for Quick Edit

Feature request from Asitis, posted on GitHub Jun 13, 2016

Personally I found it a bit strange that when I click any item in a table in the backend, it opens a 'Quick Edit' in stead of the expected single-view-screen for that item (like how the WordPress admin functions). But I can get used to it.

What I think would improve the usability tons is adding two little tweaks to the Quick Edit screen;

  • Add an "Edit" (and maybe "Delete") link on the right side (the same as in the "Actions" dropdown)
  • Bind the Enter key to the Save button for quicker inline editing

It's quite bothersome that if I want to edit or delete an item, I have to click open a submenu and if I don't click completely right the first time, I have to 'deselect' the item to get out of the Quick Edit and try again. It would be logical to add the same functionalities of the "Actions" submenu to the Quick Edit screen.


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Status changed to: Investigating
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Comment from antboiko, posted on GitHub Jun 13, 2016

Hi @Asitis Alex, thanks for your suggestions.

We already have the ticket MAGETWO-44703 in our backlog to cover improvements for in-line editing. I added your suggestion "to bind Enter key to the Save button" into it.

Thanks, Anton.

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Comment from robinhuy, posted on GitHub Jul 26, 2016

About Quick Edit, I found that it does not check user's permission like Edit page. Example, I don't have Magento_Cms::save permission but I can Edit the page in Quick Edit.