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Feature request: Support for PostgreSQL

Feature request: Support for PostgreSQL

Feature request from paales, posted on GitHub Nov 17, 2014

In the light of the new Postgres 9.4 features: indexed JSONB, wouldn't it be awesome if Magento supported it.

  • JSONB (brought into mainline in 9.4) -> Ideal replacement for flat tables, performance is on par (or better) than MongoDB.
  • Flexible full-text search (brought into mainline in 8.2) -> Ideal for a simple search when SOLR is too much
  • Multiple replication options to suit your environment and requirements
  • Uses multi-version concurrency control, so concurrent performance rocks
  • Fully ACID compliant (innodb is as well)
  • Well-documented
  • Strong access-control framework
  • Materialized Views

There are probably a 1000 more features that I can't think of, but I think you get the point. I understand Magento would like to support MySQL as well because it is more entry level and Magento has some abstract resource methods which should support other databases, but in practice Magento currently only supports MySQL. Better official support and feature integration would be awesome.



Kirill Morozov
M1 Certified

Hi hi,
Solution is not so trivial, needs implementation of beafy adapter. 
I've managed to visit homepage, category, product pages.
Feel free to join and polish off Postgres Adapter and push back a bit more changes to the core.