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Feature request: "Pack" of configurable products with stock control

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Feature request: "Pack" of configurable products with stock control

Feature request from seansan, posted on GitHub Aug 24, 2016

Currently it is not possible to create 1 configurable product in a "pack" or "bundle" (from now on: pack) where the pack is seen as one pack and not individual items.

Our request in short: please expand stock control and allow for an attribute "qty in pack" which defaults to 1 piece but can be altered. Any product can be created just like you normally would with own title, sku, price, uri, meta etc... the only difference is that when the field "qty in pack" is populated and larger than 1, that when the product is sold or returned the stock movement is multiplied by "qty in pack"

I've seen this question been asked in a multitude of ways on forums and Stackexchange.

The major element to understand is that one wants to create a new standalone configurable prodcuts (say a T-shirt) where a customer would just like normal select the size and the qty and click add to cart. Only if the product was created as "pack" and the title of the product is "6 pack t-shirts" and the image shows 6 T-shirts etc.etc.: then one would still have to see QTY =1 on the frontend (because we are buying 1 pack) but the backend should now that it should register 6*qty (=6 in this example) when changing the underlying simple products stock

More details and uses cases can be found here: