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Filter on SIZE (Attribute) when product is out of stock

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Filter on SIZE (Attribute) when product is out of stock

On our shop we sell clothing. When products are sold out we want to show them as "back soon" on the POP. People can use the "product alert" to subscribe for a back in stock notification.

For our product (clothing) we use the attribute "Size" e.g.: XS, S, M, L. We want customers to be able to filter on these sizes when browsing our catalogue.
However, when filtering on a Size, Magento shows all products for which this attribute is applicable. Regardless whether on stock or not. Therefore it can be the case that when using this filter as a customer, you click on the results and on the PDP of this product you see this size is actually not on stock.

As a merchant I would like Magento to provide filter results considering the actual stock level and only show results of products who have positive stock for this attribute. 

I know that a solution can be to hide products from the POP when they are out of stock, but then we cannot use the "re-stock alert" function.