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Google Shopping

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Google Shopping

Feature request from 5mehulhelp5, posted on GitHub Feb 25, 2015

I think Google Shopping api is going to expire soon but i show in magento 2 we are using still a V1 so it's better if we can Update that to V2.......

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Comment from Tiurnikova, posted on GitHub Aug 11, 2015

Hello @5mehulhelp5, sorry for the late reply. You're right. Google Shopping api is expired, so it was removed from Magento 2 due to low usage of that functionality.

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HI ,I am using simple google shopping .I dont get product urls with category included .In configuration canonical link for products/categories are given "Yes"  ,and Url rewrite re indexed .But still getting http://example/product.html  in google product feeds .In website ,I am getting canonical url for products.Any help ?? Thanks in advance