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Grand total in the new Credit memo view is not updated

Grand total in the new Credit memo view is not updated

Feature request from kassner, posted on GitHub Nov 16, 2015


On the new Credit Memo form, the field Grand total is not updated when you change any value in the Refund totals block.

New credit memo form

In the image above, please note that the Grand total is $20.00, even though the Subtotal is $10.00 and the fields below are $0.00. When you change any of those fields, the Grand total is not updated.


New Member

Comment from choukalos, posted on GitHub Nov 16, 2015

Hi @kassner - agreed, looks like we could improve the UX a bit more here. If you hit the Refund Offline it would re-calculate and then submit. If you had refunded shipping or made an adjustment prior to hitting the update qty button it would re-calc the grand total. Noted that the button requires the qty of product to be changed before it'll let you push it.

@tkacheva @Eleonova - do you have this comprehended in the UX improvement plan ( Credit Memo UX improvements )?

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Is there an update on this? We're on M2EE2.1.7. 


As a new Magento store owner I can tell you that we simply can not use the Magento backend to process refunds due to this bug.


There is no way I can allow my staff to press a "refund" button without knowing the amount that will be refunded. Especially because the total calculated is sometimes not correct after updating quantities and changing amounts in the Fee/Refund fields.


For such an expensive and complex platform it's pretty shocking to me that Magento calls this "default behavior".