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Image Management / Editing

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Image Management / Editing

Feature request from bsstaveley, posted on GitHub Aug 07, 2014

It would be awesome if Magento had a better form of image management for both product images and content images. So view/edit existing images or re-use a previously uploaded image.

And also providing some form of editing for last minute cropping, rotating etc.

Maybe use something like Aviary for this, instead of building it -

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Status changed to: Investigating
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Comment from tanya-soroka, posted on GitHub Aug 08, 2014

Hello @bsstaveley. thank you for your suggestion!
We are working on improving Image Management. We have already discussed about sharing media across whole system and ability to edit images. These use-cases were added to our backlog for implementation. Thank you

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Comment from clockworkgeek, posted on GitHub Oct 29, 2014

Please consider adding entropy based smart cropping too. The linked example requires ImageMagick 6.7.5 which is slightly higher than Magento's own requirements, perhaps there are other open source options.

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Comment from vpelipenko, posted on GitHub Jan 29, 2015

Internal ticket: MAGETWO-28238