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Inline editing for CMS grids is a bit frustrating

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Inline editing for CMS grids is a bit frustrating

Feature request from hostep, posted on GitHub Nov 15, 2015


Using Magento 2.0.0-rc2.

I currently find it hard to edit a static block or cms page. We are now obligated to click at least twice on a tiny target, or even more then that if you make the mistake of clicking into a column which isn't the action column, due to the inline editing feature opening up. I can see the usefulness of inline editing when clicking on a row, but now it's becoming a bit harder to actually edit the contents of the page/block. I think in 80% of the cases when someone goes to the blocks/pages grid, it is to edit the contents of that block/page, not to change the title or the status or something like that.

Here are some ideas to make it a bit more practical while keeping the inline editing feature:

  1. Split the actions into multiple columns, so you can click directly on 'Edit'
  2. Clicking on a column in a row which you can't edit inline (ID, created/modified dates, ...) should open up the static block/page immediately
  3. Add a configuration option above the grid to enable/disable the inline editing feature
  4. ...

If anybody has other ideas to make this a less frustrating experience, please tune in Smiley Happy


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