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Logic failure in module-catalog/Model/Layer/Filter/AbstractFilter.php

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Logic failure in module-catalog/Model/Layer/Filter/AbstractFilter.php

Feature request from bgkavinga, posted on GitHub May 23, 2016

In module-catalog/Model/Layer/Filter/AbstractFilter.php::isOptionReducesResults() checks whether the resulting option count is greater than products count. There could be an option that applies to all the products. Since this logic does not check equality, the option that applies to all the products in that category will not be shown.

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Status changed to: Investigating
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Comment from maghamed, posted on GitHub Jun 09, 2016

That's true, for now Magento doesn't show possible attribute values in LN if all the products in the result set have this option(-s). So, Magento shows LN options just in case they lead to narrowing down result set. This is done to prevent possibility of infinite LN clicking. For example, you have a search request "polo t-shirt" and get 10 t-shirts in the result set. 5 out of 10 shirts have "S" size 10 out of 10 shirts have "M" size 7 out of 10 shirts have "L" size 3 out of 10 shirts have "XL" size

So, Magento generates next LN section for "Size" attribute: "S" - 5 "L" - 7 "XL" - 3

"M" size not rendered because all the products in result set have one.

Probably it could confuse customer as he/she could think that NON of the products obtain "M" size. Probably from Usability point of view it's better to generate not clickable "M" size option.

Adding Product Owner of Search Track for resolution @choukalos

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Comment from choukalos, posted on GitHub Jun 10, 2016

@bgkavinga thank you for the input; I'm tracking this improvement as MAGETWO-54219 internally.