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Multiple select in layered navigation

Multiple select in layered navigation

Feature request from CRYX2, posted on GitHub Sep 16, 2015

Hello, I've not found any options to use multiple selection (for the same attribute) for layered navigation. In Magento 1 this options was very frustrating, now is implemented?

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Status changed to: Investigating
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Comment from choukalos, posted on GitHub Sep 23, 2015

We plan on implementing this in the near term after our GA launch. Internally we're tracking it as (MAGETWO-39787) to enhance our layered navigation. Those enhancements include a category element ( to drill down via category ), multi-select (effectively or) within an attribute, and adding category to advanced search form.

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While there are extensions that provide this, it would be good to have this a core feature.


One part of this feature that gets forgotten is to make it a choice whether the multi-select is an OR (increasing the number of options - useful for Colour or Size) or AND (decreasing options - useful for restrictions like Food Intolerances)

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I would love to have the possibility to add a multiselect attribute to the layered navigation that can either have a OR or AND functionality. But I think that it is not possible with the current magento search framework. The current version of the search framework gets a SearchCriteriaInterface (which would support such a feature) and discards all search groups (which makes complex queries including an top level OR statement impossible) and when a field is declared multiple times in the search criteria, it just uses the last occurrence.