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New Configurable product - selecting existing simple products manually?

New Configurable product - selecting existing simple products manually?

Feature request from tadhgbowe, posted on GitHub Nov 30, 2015

I am creating a new Configurable product via the Admin Panel (based on color). My simple products (children) already exist via a product import. When I click on "Edit Configurations" it takes me down the path of creating new simple variations. I don't want to do this. I simply want to select the existing products.

Interestingly if I go ahead and generate some simple variations via the "Edit Configurations" after the product save I can see a new link "Add Products Manually" beside "Edit Configurations". That's what I want to see the first time around after I inform it that the new configurable product is based on color.

The "Edit Configurations" wizard needs to allow me to select existing products after I've told it what configurable attributes I'm working with e.g. color or size.

Is this a known issue?

Thanks Tadhg

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Comment from antboiko, posted on GitHub May 25, 2016

Hi @tadhgbowe ,

Thanks for your comment. As I mentioned above, we added the ticket to our backlog to revise the flow for configurable product. As for now, please refer to my suggestion as a workaround with existing flow.

Regarding "...the select manually button disappears if there are no associations.", the fix is already in develop branch and will be also available in one of future patches.

Best, Anton.

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Comment from tadhgbowe, posted on GitHub May 27, 2016

Hi Anton.

Many thanks for the update. I know there are lots and lots of potential issues raised here. So it must be a nightmare to keep people up to date. When you say:

"the fix is already in develop branch and will be also available in one of future patches"

That's fine. But imagine how amazing it would be to get a notification saying when it will be launched into production (minor or bug version).

All the best. Tadhg

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Comment from atIOCrON, posted on GitHub Jun 15, 2016


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Comment from valibus, posted on GitHub Jun 27, 2016


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Comment from rosandrest, posted on GitHub Aug 25, 2016

would love a patch when it becomes available as i don't want to create variations just to get the add products manually link. thanks.



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We have a CSV product feed containing simple products. We have imported this and now need to create configurable products from these.


At the moment this isn't possible unless we create a fictitious configurable product, then the "add products manually" button appears. We have to then not delete all the fictitious associations (as this removes the "add products manually" button) and then add our real simple products to create the associations on the configurable product. Then we have to go back and remove and then delete the fictitious simple products created through this process.


This is madness, looking forward to the patch!

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Has this been patched?


I am on a fresh install of 2.1.3 and have this issue but worse.


Firs to see the button to "add products manually" I have to first create the ficticious simple product. Fine. then I save the product. 


I then have the option to "add products manually" which I can do, they seem to be added and appear associated with the configurable product. I click save, and then they dissappear, along with the ficitious simple product they all dissappear and I am left with no associations. 



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This is definitely a major flaw and step backward in usability from Magento 1 to Magento 2. I'm not sure what the team was thinking when they made this decision, but it needs to be reevaluated ASAP! We're going on a year since it was brought up with no further feedback.

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Just reading your comment and was wondering if this had been actioned yet?


Also why make us go to step two of Create Configuration?  Why not just keep the "Add Products Manually" visible at all times?