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No REST API call for Setting payment Gateway Transaction

No REST API call for Setting payment Gateway Transaction

Feature request from ipragmatechadmin, posted on GitHub Mar 10, 2016

We are trying to build the generic android mobile app which can be used by magento 2 owners using REST API for Magento2 and have implemented the basic features for the app. As most of the people uses paypal for the payment gateway, we planned to use the paypal Android SDK for our mobile app but the problem is that we are not able to find the REST API to submit the transactionId or PaymentId to magento2. Do we need to write our own API for this or is there any existing rest API which we can use and submit the transactionId to magento2 store? Please help us.

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Status changed to: Investigating
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Comment from mbrinton01, posted on GitHub May 13, 2016

Internal issue MAGETWO-52815

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Hi there,

Any update here. We too have same requirement where we are running checkout as standalone app & communicating with magento through api calls only.


Solution here much appreciated as it is very basic requirement for developing standalone apps.



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Hi Team,

Any updates on this?

We have also similar problem. We have to integrate Magento2.2.3 Paypal Express with Mobile SDK response. 


In Mobile Paypal SDK we are getting payment id as PAY-XXXXX . When we passing the response from mobile SDX to Order information with "paypal_express" payment method we are getting Invalid token error. 

In web after placing order using "paypal_express" In magento Paypal Express we have token like "EC-XXXXX".


What is the token we have to pass?