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Option to add "NoIndex" to a product/CMS page

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Option to add "NoIndex" to a product/CMS page

It would be great if there is an option to add Robots Meta tag as "NoIndex" on product pages or CMS pages. So the pages can't get indexed into Google or other search engines if we don't want to.


This can be done using Robots.txt easily but an option in the backend would be great. Smiley Happy


Did you know that there's an option to edit the robots.txt in the admin area now?


Yes Tom, but an option on the product/cms edit page for controlling Robots Meta Tag for that specific page would be more convenient for Store Owners. Isn't it? Smiley Happy


Oh definitely, just letting you know a roundabout way of doing it now from admin Smiley Happy 


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I had designed our product architecture around the meta-robots feature as the ability to give users some more details on the subcomponents (simple products within a bundle). I also used noindex meta-robots on a page level to share around a preview of a page before it's meant for the public. I also use it to hide things not unique content like where to find CVV on your credit card, or our warranty information.


Anyway, those were a couple of scenarios that I've been using the meta-robots tag, and bummed that I am losing that in the upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Would like this to be a feature...

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We have an extension for Magento 2 to configure Meta Robots tag on any page of Magento. It can be found at below URL