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Plan for media storage API?

Plan for media storage API?

Feature request from owenhaynes, posted on GitHub May 31, 2015

Is there any plan for a media stroage api, was looking to see if it was possible to use S3/Cloud Stroage for media assets. So that Elastic Beanstalk can be used effectively.

I don't think storing the images in the database is the correct option when S3 storage is far cheaper and faster to run then a database.

Have had a look at the code and it seems very tightly coupled with File and Database, so creating a plugin seems a lot of work.

New Member

Comment from owenhaynes, posted on GitHub Feb 23, 2016

let alone scale with kubernetes or other docker containers management services

Wouter Samaey
Senior Member

We need this of Magento is to grow.  Put it on the roadmap