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[Proposal] - Easily create backend-readonly attributes

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[Proposal] - Easily create backend-readonly attributes

Feature request from adragus-inviqa, posted on GitHub Oct 01, 2015

I tried to create Customer attribute which renders as readonly in the backend, but couldn't find an easy way to do it.

"Easy" for me means a new flag when creating an attribute (like label, frontend_class etc.) - say adminhtml_readonly - which changes the way its default renderer displays the input - exactly the way it renders when the attribute is locked().

Although the classes that render various HTML elements do support readonly functionality, I'm not sure if those can be easily coupled with an EAV attr flag.

I guess this can only be done for a couple of inputs, like text, textarea, but it'll be nice to be able to mark the attribute as readonly even for (multi)selects, file, images or others.

What do you think?

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Comment from pboisvert, posted on GitHub May 04, 2016

@antboiko Anton--passing to you since this is a catalog function

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Comment from ravichandrarv, posted on GitHub Aug 08, 2016

hey guys i'm trying to make some custom attributes as read only in magento2 i could not find a way to do it

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I'm looking for the same functionality. Whether upon creating the attribute or by somehow modifying the rendering of the form, there must be some way.

Any advance in this? Somebody from the Magento-Team?