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Remove dependency of Customer module on Review module

Remove dependency of Customer module on Review module




Run "bin/mage module:disable Magento_Review" in a standard Magento installation Actual Result:

The module can't be disabled because Magento_Customer depends on it.

Expected Result:

The module Magento_Review is disabled.

Is it really necessary that the Customer module depends on the Review module? It's the only reason why I can't disable the Review module and a quick search for "Magento\Review" in the Customer module's codebase reveals that only a single file references a class in Review: \Magento\Customer\Block\Adminhtml\Edit\Tab\Reviews. I'm sure this can be refactored to remove the dependency, right?

Occasional Contributor

I fully agree - did you find a solution to stop the display of the review section on the frontend midnightDesign ?




New Contributor

Unfortunatelly, disabling of reviews is not so simple. This dependency doesn't allow simply to disable Magento_Review module. In the meantime, we created extension for disabling reviews. It leaves Magento_Review module enabled and just removes required stuff.

Super Contributor

You can disable the module output by changing its status in the Advanced-Settings.

Shops > Configuration > Advanced > Advanced and search for "Magento_Review".


flush the cache afterwards.



Magento Team

There is an internal ticket for this issue (MAGETWO-71228).

As a work-around the module output can be disabled (via UI up to 2.2.0, or via config file afterwards).