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Store Pickup

Store Pickup



Is there any plan to include Store pickup feature in Magento Community Edition? If yes, then in which version is it planned to release and also what is the date of release. I am waiting for this feature since long....

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Hello @mnjha 

I am not sure if Magento may plan to add store pickup in default Magento 2 versions,

But you can surely look at various third party extensions available in the market.


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Hello there,


Meanwhile, you check the Magento 2 Pickup (Store Locator) extension that allows the admin to create multiple locations for pickup orders.


  • Buyers can see all the nearest pickup stores on Google Maps.
  • Shoppers can see the distance and route to the pickup store from his location on Google Maps.
  • The customer will get notified by email when the order is scheduled/re-scheduled by admin.
  • The owner can create multiple pickup stores and assign them to the product.



  • Store admin can set store timings in different modes.
  • The extension uses the MSI Distance algorithm for calculating distance.
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Thanks for the update and quick reply. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this thread AlaskasWorld PET