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Visual Swatch for Custom Options

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Visual Swatch for Custom Options

Feature request from sameasterling, posted on GitHub May 04, 2016

We seriously need visual swatches for custom options.

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Status changed to: Investigating
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Comment from rafaelstz, posted on GitHub May 04, 2016

I see it as necessary, if the customer does not manage inventory, but has variations like configurable.

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Comment from antboiko, posted on GitHub May 11, 2016

Hello @sameasterling , thanks for your inquiry. We've created internal ticket MAGETWO-52691 for this feature and added it to the backlog.

Best, Anton.




I've found this to be a MASSIVE issue also,


I'm trying to create a marketplace using Magento2, and this has been the hugest stumbling block, even though I've sunk loads of money into it already, I just cannot believe a system like Magento would over look such a thing.


When dealing with retail, colours have all kinds of different names.


With Magento only displaying the names of the colours, when trying to configure using attributes, and not displaying the swatch of those colours, how the hell are my vendors supposed to know the difference between the colours?!


How has this been over looked by Magento? Why would Magento not be displaying swatches to help with the choosing process in the backend. Total Madness!


I see this suggestion was made in 2016 ...It's now November 2017 and it still hasn't been added?! Pull yourself together Magento team and get it done.


Attribute not showing colours.png


I mean look at that, it's completely pathetic that the swatches aren't on display next to the colour names.