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Widget Sort Orders.

Widget Sort Orders.

Feature request from JamesAnelay, posted on GitHub Jun 03, 2015

There is a bug/issue with widget sort orders which means if you have widget widget updates for the 'default' handle and another a specific handle e.g cms pages it is impossible to have your cms_page update block show above the default handles update block.

This is because DB layout updates are pulled in per handle sorted and then the next handle is pulled in this means you can only sort widget updates on a per handle basis.

A fix would be to pull the updates from the database using all current handles using IN($handlesArray) in the select statment. e.g for Magento1

New Member
Status changed to: Investigating
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Comment from MaxSavich, posted on GitHub Jul 14, 2015

Hello James!

If you want to have this fix ASAP feel free to submit the pull request.


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Comment from pboisvert, posted on GitHub May 15, 2016

Olena--can you have the team evaluate the suggestion?

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Comment from tkacheva, posted on GitHub Jun 16, 2016

we will look in the scope of MAGETWO-54474

Mosses Akizian

Bumping this as it shoud be a "quick" fix and much needed improvement. There is a big request from a client of ours and would love to see it in the core.  @sherrie who manages github feature requests?

Adobe Team

@Mosses Akizian magento core team is not planning to work on this in the nearest feature. You are welcome to contribute this change via magento github