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make build artifacts accessable

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make build artifacts accessable

Feature request from Flyingmana, posted on GitHub Jan 21, 2015


Reason: You run several static analyzers like for example the phpcs part. This generates a report file if it fails. It would be helpfull if people can look into this somehow, for example trough the linked travis feature.

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Status changed to: Investigating
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Comment from verklov, posted on GitHub Jan 21, 2015

Hello @Flyingmana! We already had a request that you mention about. It is contained in the comments to #926. We created a ticket in the backlog for this improvement MAGETWO-32786. The team will work on this according to the priorities.

According to the new procedure of working with GitHub improvements and feature requests, we are closing GitHub tickets once we have a ticket in the backlog created in internal tracker. Thank you for your request! We are closing this ticket now. Please watch the repository updates.