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AWS S3 with OpenLiteSpeed

AWS S3 with OpenLiteSpeed

Hi everyone,


I Have a question and I would really appreciate you if you could reply on it

Magento 2.4.2 added support for AWS S3 for media storage and they have guided configuration with Nginx in this page of docs Configure AWS S3 bucket for remote storage 

My question is,


Can AWS S3 be configured with OpenLiteSpeed instead of Nginx as suggested in page ?


Re: AWS S3 with OpenLiteSpeed

This will only work if proxypass is supported by OpenLiteSpeed. 


As far as I know support for proxypass was just added to LiteSpeed Enterprise 6.0 recently so I doubt that OLS has support for it.


Anyway I don't believe it is recommended to use Magento with OLS anyway as you will miss out on the excellent LiteMage Cache. You should use LiteSpeed Enterprise instead which not just supports LiteMage Cache but also has more features and proper support.