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Best host for Magento 2

Best host for Magento 2

Hi All ,

I see most of the comments advice to go with VPS (Dedicated host ) but when I searched I found a lot of hosts and they are expensive! My website will be eCommerce and still not lunch yet.



Re: Best host for Magento 2

Would you consider a Cloud environment as opposed to a more traditional VPS? and what are you considering expensive? (if you don't want to post this, feel free to direct message me)


If you don't want shared hosting, but you don't have budget alignment with a dedicated server or single-tenant dedicated cloud account (like a managed AWS account), you might want to consider an option like Nexcess which has Cloud accounts starting at $49USD per month, Alpha Hosting which has plans starting at $46 per month, or a starter plan with Magemojo's MojoStratus cloud for $99 per month.


If you could budget a bit more, I'd have different recommendations, but hopefully, this at least gives you a baseline.


Best of luck!

Re: Best host for Magento 2

You should have no problems in starting with a Magento optimized shared hosting as long as there are proper upgrade path with the provider when your store grows. 


I will not suggest going with the normal shared hosting provider as their servers are not tuned for Magento and they provide very low CPU and RAM limits which will not be enough to run Magento smoothly. 

Re: Best host for Magento 2

To some extent, I would agree with what others are recommending that 

  • Won't recommend to with shared hosting for ecommerce store
  • Better to go with a cloud solution for your site

If you have made your mind for a cloud solution then I would recommend going with managed Magento cloud hosting which offers you easy solution with additional features.