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Blazing fast Magento 2... How I did it!

Blazing fast Magento 2... How I did it!

I started with a VPS with 4G of RAM then 8G of Ram  with 3 cpu but magento was super slowwwwww. So I decided I needed a change.


Hardware: I decided to host my own server so I bough a used server with 256 G of RAM, 28 core CPU and 1T hard drive. My connection speed is about 1000Mb/sec (symetrical upload/download).


I installed Ubuntu 20.04 with sshd, Nginx and Varnish as a cache system. Also installed php 7.4 and MySQ and java as well as Elasticsearch. Each component is installed properly and each is finely tuned.


I am guessing that this is the optimal setup! Pinging my local IP is about 64 ms which I will probably tune up soon.


Now.. what changes my loading time is truly the theme! I did not find a theme I liked that did a good job at loading fast. All the decent themes are bloated with tons of useless javascript and Css. Unoptimized for mobile and truly buggy.


I am yet to find the fastest (and decent) theme out there. If I can't find it, I guess I will need to create it by myself.


Anyone knows a theme that can load fast??




Re: Blazing fast Magento 2... How I did it!

I've seen very good results with


It was built by a developer that, like you, didn't like the options on the market, and wanted to take a modern/clean approach. It's built with TailwindCSS and Alpine JS, and scores very high with Core Web Vitals (you can test a demo at


It also has a very active community. The Hyva Slack group, as of this moment, appears to have over 1,700 members. It's definitely been gaining a lot of popularity.


Best of luck!

Re: Blazing fast Magento 2... How I did it!

Thanks. They score very high in page speed indeed (99%). Their design is very simplistic though.

Will check it out Smiley Happy


Re: Blazing fast Magento 2... How I did it!

My pleasure!