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Fastly vs. Cloudflare or another CDN


Fastly vs. Cloudflare or another CDN

Does anyone have experience with CDN für magento 2 community-edition? 
Fastly vs. Cloudflare or any other? 
If what are the advantages of fastly for magento 2?


Re: Fastly vs. Cloudflare or another CDN

Hi @youcantgoogleme 

I will recommend Fastly for magento.

Because also provide fastly for magento cloud. 

For more info:

I hope it will help you.

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Re: Fastly vs. Cloudflare or another CDN

At JetRails, we use Cloudflare as our go-to CDN for Magento 1 & 2. 


We do have some clients using others like Sucuri, Fastly, and Akamai, but we prefer Cloudflare.


Here's an article that we'd put together that mentions some specifics about why Cloudflare is the most popular CDN in use for our Magento customers:


Sucuri is often deployed when there are security challenges above and beyond the norm.


Nothing against any of the others. Everything has its pros and cons.


Re: Fastly vs. Cloudflare or another CDN

@youcantgoogleme  If you are looking for CDN only then you need to look into what all region are covered by all these different services. All CDN services works in similar fashion. What differentiate is the region covered by them and how close the data centers are.


If you are looking for more like security, protection from ddos, ssl etc then you need to look into services like Fastly & Cloudflare. They are kinda complete package for DNS, Security, CDN etc all at one place. As Robert says nothing against any services, they all come with their own pros & cons.


Both the services has their extension in the marketplace which you can download and install. Extension is available to manage most of the settings from Magento admin itself. One less hassle or login.


Game changer here is Cloudflare which provides a free account, Fastly does not. Basic CDN from the Cloudflare is Free and with a small upgrade like $20/month you can get more features like ssl, block IP or range etc.

- Tarandeep
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Re: Fastly vs. Cloudflare or another CDN


I would recommend you to go with Cloudflare due to its more brand awareness as compared to Fastly. One of the reasons to opt Cloudflare as it prefers by the developers as it's  "Web Performance & Security Company". Cloudflare speeds up and protects millions of websites, APIs, SaaS services, and other properties connected to the Internet.


Whereas, Fastly helps to fastens content delivery. I'm sharing a link: that will give you a more clear picture.
Cloudflare vs fastly.JPG

If you have any other queries, feel free to ping me.