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Help with initial load time

Help with initial load time

This is hosted on my local server. Files on an SSD, gigabit upload speed, no traffic, CPU 20% Idle.  Magento 2.3
Home page load speed after sitting a while is about 5 seconds.  Subsequent load are fine.

I'm not sure what to do to fix this.

With the diagnostic it says Magento - 3.5 seconds; Router_match - 1.4 seconds

I'm sure there is a setting somewhere I need to change.


Re: Help with initial load time

Hi @naps1saps,

There are some basic steps to imporove Magento page performance.

Make sure that your cache are enable.
You can enable using following command:
php bin/magento cache:enable

If you switch into production mode, then also performance improved.

php bin/magento deploy-mode:setSmiley Tongueroduction

Also make sure that your homepage images are optimized.

Enable flat catalog.
Merge js and css.
Enable gzip compression.

If your website is publicly accessable then check on as well. It will show the full report, then you work on report.

I hope it will help you!

Re: Help with initial load time

Have you looked at adding Litespeed webserver to your server, especially one that includes the litemage license?


I recently moved my hosting to a dedicated server with these guys and it is lightening fast. The support helped me configure the Litemage extension in my store and I saw a huge improvement.

Re: Help with initial load time



Please look at the varnish cache as you're using Magento 2.3. Ensure that you've enabled it via admin panel. Moreover, ensure the hosting service you're using also offers the varnish cache which is the requirement of the Magento server. 


There're some more tips that help you to overcome the page load time:


1. Minification (CSS/JS)

2. Lighter Themes
3. Optimized the size of product images.

I hope it works for you. If you need any further help feel free to inbox me.

Re: Help with initial load time

We used litespeed web server and litemage , this really helped us. Good server config and adequate hardware spec is critical also 


<< Snipped >>

Re: Help with initial load time

Here are some points that will gonna help you to improve your page loading speed:


  • Update to the Latest Magento Version.
  • Merge Javascript and CSS Files.
  • Uninstall Irrelevant Extensions.
  • Enable Caching.
  • Choose a Fast Web Hosting.

Re: Help with initial load time

Try to install varnish cache and minify Java/CSS

You can also use Google Page speed insight or GTmetrix to check what cause slow load on your site


Hope this helps

Re: Help with initial load time



I would look at Litespeed cache, once warmed this reduced initial load time

I use Litespeed cache and host with



Re: Help with initial load time

Have you configured Varnish Cache? It is supported out of the box.

Re: Help with initial load time

There are a few things you can try to improve the initial page load time in Magento 2.3:

  • Enable caching (if not already) - Caching can greatly improve load times. Make sure caching is enabled and configured properly. 
  • Optimize images - Compress, resize, and optimize any images on the site. 
  • Minify CSS/JS - Make sure CSS and JavaScript files are minified. There are extensions or build tools like Grunt to automate this.
  • Leverage a CDN - Use a content delivery network to serve static assets. This reduces load on the server.
  • Check database indexes - Make sure indexes are properly set, especially on tables like category/product attributes.
  • Review server resources - Ensure server has adequate CPU, memory, IO resources to handle load. Tune MySQL config if needed.

Specifically looking at the long router_match time. If you want to host your site I would suggest to go for a Managed Magento hosting, it would keep your site's performance optimized and enhance its performance.