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I am about to start a eCommerce business powered by magento2. I have nearly 2500 simple products and will have approx 1600 daily traffic. What hosting type should i choose? like VPS or I have to go for dedicated? what configuration should i choose, will 2core, 2gb ram, 30gb hdd and 1tb bandwidth  work? any hosting company suggestion, how about Host-gator..thank you.

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Re: Hosting

The type of hosting services that you go with will depend on your budget but I would caution you against companies who are not focused in Magento, especially Hostgator (their parent company, the Endurance International Group / EIG does not have too good of a reputation). 


You will want to have as much CPU and RAM as possible (or the ability to add more as you go along) as they will help with not only performance but also scalability. I'll definitely recommend faster storage like SSD instead of HDD if possible. 


By the way, the topic has been moved to the Magento 2 section as it was posted in the Magento 1 section. 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: Hosting

>>> will 2core, 2gb ram, 30gb hdd and 1tb bandwidth  work?

no. it's too small. 
I recommend at least 4 gb ram.

SSD for sure

I use ex41-ssd from hetzner

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There demos hosted on this server.

Re: Hosting

WIth your requirements, I recommend using a VPS with at least 3 core and 4 gb RAM. Better a KVM VPS.

You can trust KVM VPS of Ramnode, Vultr, DigitalOcean.


Hope this helps!