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Import of many Configurations

Import of many Configurations

I have a problem importing configurable products. I have some products with about 16000 configurations each. The import is successful, but  when I open the product, I get this error in the backend:
Warning: DOMDocumentFragment::appendXML(): Entity: line 1: parser error : CData section too big found in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 60

In the frontend the product takes a very long time to load, but it does eventually and shows the product with the options.

When I try to leave out some of the options, I get about 1000 configurations and everything works fine. Is this normal? Does magento have a maximum number of configurations?

Would the use of customizable options speed up the loading process?


Re: Import of many Configurations

please see this. Its a limitation to xmllib2 plugin. Im trying to find a work around currently. Ill update github with the solution.