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Live site to another development site

Live site to another development site

I have a project in live site. I want this live  site replica to my another develoment site ..what are the steps I have to follow  and what to do  Please help me. 


Re: Live site to another development site

What you need is to setup a staging site for your Magento store. There are quite a few guides floating around if you Google the keyword "magento staging". 


Basically what you need to do is just to duplicate the files and databases and then go in to the staging database and change all links from your live site to the staging site (most of it should be in the core_config_data table).

Re: Live site to another development site

I once faced a similar situation and found a pretty straightforward approach. Firstly, make sure you have a backup of your live site, just in case. Then, on your development site, set up a local server environment if you haven't already. Next, transfer all the files and the database from your live site to the development site. To do this, you can use tools like FTP to move files and export/import the database. Or you can contact a company that can help you with this issue I think it will be easier for you, but of course it's up to you. Once that's done, update the database connection settings in your development site's configuration file to match your new setup.

Re: Live site to another development site

If you use a provider such AWS hosting, you can easily clone your server, then make use a host file to map to the new elastic IP address. In this way, you won't have to change your URLs. Use can then use AWS security groups to block or limit traffic over 443. 


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Re: Live site to another development site

Here are the main steps to replicate your live site to another development site:

1. Make a full backup of the live site database. You can use a tool like phpMyAdmin to export the database.

2. Copy all files from the live site to your new development environment. This includes code, images, CSS, JS files etc. Use FTP, Git, or other tools to transfer the files.

3. Import the live database backup into the new development database. Update credentials in wp-config.php.

4. Do a find and replace in the database to change the site URL from live to development. You can run SQL queries for this.

5. Upload any media files from live site to dev server if needed. Update paths in the database.

6. Test thoroughly on the development site. Check functionality, plugins, themes etc.

7. Consider using a staging plugin like WP Stagecoach to easily migrate the site.

8. Update your local DNS and hosts file to point the dev domain to your server.

9. Cache flush and final testing before launch.

For the hosting provider, I would recommend:

- **Devrims** - Devrims offers reliable and high-performance managed cloud hosting that is optimized specifically for developers' needs. they offer a free migration.

Let me know if you need any help with the steps or have any other questions!

Re: Live site to another development site

Here are the key steps to replicate a live site in a development environment:

1. Set up staging server matching live site technology.

2. Do a full database dump from live, and import it into staging.

3. Copy all files from the live site to staging.

4. Update the staging config to point to the staging database.

5. Test the staging site thoroughly - pages, functions, links, database.

6. Update the host file to point the staging domain to a local dev server.

7. Block external access to the staging site.

8. Develop/test on the staging site without affecting life.

9. Migrate code and database changes from staging to live when ready.