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Magento 2 Enable JavaScript Bundling

Magento 2 Enable JavaScript Bundling

Hi Folks,


I merged JS and CSS file (Stores -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Developer -> Javascript Settings) in production mode of magento2. Once i check via view source of the page, I can see the Javascript is merged. But Still it's show 75 external Javascript scripts via GTMatrix HTTP requests.


So How can i removed that 75 external javascript requests?


Thank you in advance!


Re: Magento 2 Enable JavaScript Bundling

I've moved your thread to the Magento 2 section as it was posted in the Magento 1 section. 


Anyway as for the 75 external JavaScript requests, AFAIK when you merge the JS files it should only merge the JS files by Magento and it will not affect external JS files. 


Can you list down the external JavaScript requests here? 


Some external JS may be unnecessary or can be re-hosted but some of them are quite important and there may be no way to remove them (you may be able to defer them or prevent them from blocking the other elements from loading). 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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