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Magento 2 Slow with Varnish and NGINX

Magento 2 Slow with Varnish and NGINX

Hello My Friends,


Please help me if possible... is my testing magento 2 website. I have installed varnish and configured properly and the website is super slow i don;t know why.


First if you browsing the site, it is slow, once cached super fast, but now if you try from a new computer or new browser it is slow again and not fast. I checked there are no new static file generated same cache hitted but super slow! any idea what may be the problem.


My server is SSD, dual XEON with 32GB RAM and server has no issue.


below is my php info for your references.


Any help will be greatly appreciated...


Re: Magento 2 Slow with Varnish and NGINX

A new computer need to download all web files for first access. That is why it can slow on new computer. But the speed to access your site on my computer is fast.


Could you give me some senses of how to enable SSL with Varnish? I tried to setup a Reverse proxy for SSL and Varnish but failed.


I will appreciate your help with Varnish working with SSL!

------ BrianC on M2

Re: Magento 2 Slow with Varnish and NGINX

Hi Computer Valley,


have you find any solution for slowing TFFB?

we are facing the same issue with Varnish Cache-ssl-nginx we are slower then built-in Config.

Please let me know

thank you,





Re: Magento 2 Slow with Varnish and NGINX

Easiest way, if you're using a server with cPanel, is to use Cachewall (formerly xVarnish) which has an SSL terminator built-in.  I am just now trying to figure out the proper way to config Cachewall with Mage2 since it has a dynamically created VCL.

Re: Magento 2 Slow with Varnish and NGINX

Hi there,

We saw the same problem happen with one of our customers when they launched their new M2 site (upgraded from M1.9 I believe). The issue was with PHP and we were able to help them by tweaking parts of their infrastructure and installing some caching at the web layer and varnish. Let me know if you need to speak with someone more technical and I can help arrange.