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Magento 2 Website Response Time Incredibly High

Magento 2 Website Response Time Incredibly High

I had a new magento 2 based website developed with a purchased theme(fastest - fashion) hosted on digital ocean. The website ran well for a month. Suddenly, after a day of a google Pmax campaign, the website response time is incredibly high. The homepage loads in 2 mins. Any click event takes 2 mins.

Admin panel loads fine and works. 

The dev team has done the following :

Theme uninstall

Plugins disabled

Server upgrade & restart

Magento cache & cron

Uploaded a plain HTML (hello world - works fine)

Checked for the code errors

Plugins enabled one by one


We are clueless. I really need it to get going. Any leads on what could be going wrong?


Re: Magento 2 Website Response Time Incredibly High

What sort of caching are you running for your Magento store? 


Ideally you will want to have Redis for backend cache and Varnish or LiteMage Cache for Full Page Cache (FPC). 


What is your server stack and who is managing it? 

Re: Magento 2 Website Response Time Incredibly High

Quick Update. There seems to be an issue with the magento theme - Fastest(irony at its best). The website loads super fast with the default theme luma. With Fastest, it just does not respond for 2 minutes. 

It does not seem to be a caching issue. The strange part is that there is no cpu overload or disk overload. There is just no response for around 2 minutes, following which the website loads. 

The devs switched to luma and everything is lightning fast. Any leads as to how this can happen without any intervention. It was working well for 2 months until it just didn't after a google Pmax campaign(which brought only 400 users in 3 days)


Re: Magento 2 Website Response Time Incredibly High

It sounds like you'll need to do some profiling on the theme and also get in touch with the theme developer about the problem. 


If your budget permits, I definitely recommend taking a look at Hyvä themes which is built from the ground up for performance. 

Re: Magento 2 Website Response Time Incredibly High

Here's the profiling summary :

"Fallback to JQueryUI Compat activated. Your store is missing a dependency for a jQueryUI widget. Identifying and addressing the dependency will drastically improve the performance of your site"

The absurd thing is that this has been a known issue since 2019. My question is how magento or the theme devs leave amateur coders high and dry.

Magento is basically loading all jQuery UI modules because it can't identify which one(s) the custom code needs.

Any thoughts of an easier fix? A theme update does nothing. Really. 

Re: Magento 2 Website Response Time Incredibly High

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