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Magento 2 hardware requirements

Magento 2 hardware requirements



I am trying to find out what is magento 2 hardware requirements. 



SSD Space?


Also can i run Database on different server and what would be hardware requirements for the database server?


Can anyone please let me know. 


Thank you,


Re: Magento 2 hardware requirements

There's no fixed requirements as it depends on your store size and requirements. 


Yes, you can run a separate database server as per the guide below:-

Re: Magento 2 hardware requirements



Currently we have about 300 product and growing. So i am looking for server with around 500 to 600 MS page load time. So that is why i am looking for suggests.  What should type hardware should i invest in.


Thank you, 

Re: Magento 2 hardware requirements

page speed is not related to server specs.

investment is only required if you have very big traffic and lots of sales.


so check with your workload.


if your shop is slow, you need to start from another side - check your code.


anyway today you can take any type of servers, vps, dedicated, even shared on ssd will work ok

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