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Magento Cloud Docker and forcing TLS

Magento Cloud Docker and forcing TLS

Hi all. I am attempting to build a dev environment for our prod Magento Commerce Cloud site using Cloud Docker. In our production site, we use Fastly and there is an option to force TLS, so all resources and whatever internal URLs are ostensibly called through HTTPS.


Is anyone familiar with a way to do this "force TLS" in a Varnish or TLS container, in order to replicate this same behavior? I'm getting a lot of mixed-content and CSP violations because resources are still not being forced to use HTTPS. Within the core_config_data table, I have both web/secure/enable_hsts and web/secure/enable_upgrade_insecure set to 1.




Re: Magento Cloud Docker and forcing TLS

Try to search and replace all HTTP URL in your database to HTTPS, it will fix mixed content issue.

Also, remember to check hard coded HTTP URL on your theme to make sure all content is https