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Magento best hosting aws Cloud Vs dedicated

Magento best hosting aws Cloud Vs dedicated



what is the best magento 2 hosting solutions in term of speed and high traffic web store?


AWS or Google Cloud

or Dedicated server ?


is cloud hosting better for magento 2 or just go with dedicated server ?


Re: Magento best hosting aws Cloud Vs dedicated

Hi @Mohmage


I do not think that their is a direct answer to your question.


You should keep in mind your budget, number of visitors on your site, catalog size, possibility to scale and other factors before deciding which hosting to choose.


I think @JLHC may provide more information to you which may help you to take your decision.

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Re: Magento best hosting aws Cloud Vs dedicated

As @Mukesh Tiwari have stated, there's no best answer to this as everyone may have a different requirement. 


Do you have anything that you want in mind? Also giving us more details will be helpful to point you to the right direction. 

Re: Magento best hosting aws Cloud Vs dedicated

Hey momage,
Just my 2c. we do not use dedicated servers for a long time now, especially for high traffic clients you want something more flexible. If aws and Goole cloud are your only options for cloud, I would go with aws just because they were around longer. If your store needs a multi server setup and there is some budget allocated, check Rackspace Cloud. This is what we use for many of our clients and they are happy with the speed, availability and response from the datacenter.
But as long as you or your admin is able to configure a server(s) properly, it does not matter what you use and with a cloud you can switch from one provider to another in minutes if you are not happy with the service.
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Re: Magento best hosting aws Cloud Vs dedicated

hi  @JLHC 


I have around 100+ SKU and before I used shared hosting for magento and I never get ranked well in Google  because shared hosting is slow and each server having 30+ account that's why I'm moving to cloud, I remember all transactions emails go directly to junk mail, was very bad decision at that time to have magento on shared hosting really waste time and money .


am considering Google cloud for the pricing since it's cheaper than AWS ,

my set up like the below



50G SSD Storage



Varnish Cache + Nginx 


please advise me on the best set up for Top speed is ram important or CPU ?


Re: Magento best hosting aws Cloud Vs dedicated



I spend last week trying to figure out why aws better than Google cloud, eventually I decided to try Google cloud because their pricing, I don't know if there're huge technical differences between Google cloud and AW

Re: Magento best hosting aws Cloud Vs dedicated

If your store mainly serve international customers, then go with AWS, they are very good for Magento.

If your traffic is almost from your country, you should get a local hosting with a country domain, this will help boost speed and SEO if your website

Re: Magento best hosting aws Cloud Vs dedicated

Before you proceed further, do you know how to manage a server? If you do not know how, you may need to look for a managed service so you will not need to worry about server related problems. 


As for transactional emails going to junk mail, this can happen when you send emails from blacklisted IP addresses. The best way to prevent this is to use a transactional mail service provider (like Mailgun, Sendgrid, etc) to send emails from your store. 

Re: Magento best hosting aws Cloud Vs dedicated

Hello JLHC,


Thanks for your help, Same issue here.

We presently host our website on GoDaddy shared hosting plan (just a simple custom php website), and soon we shall revamp using Magento, hence, not sure whether GoDaddy will be okay.


We do not know how to manage servers, thus, we are considering AWS or Microsoft Azure.


Now, all we want is a fast and reliable magento host that has GOOD TECHNICAL SUPPORT EACH TIME WE RUN INTO ISSUES. 


So, please would managed magento hosting solve our problems? 

If yes, kindly recommend one or two managed services.






Re: Magento best hosting aws Cloud Vs dedicated

Hi Mustapha,

If you do not want to mess with the server management, managed hosting is the only way to go. Just find a company you like, give them your requirements and they will recommend the setup for you and it can be Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Rackspace Cloud, Microsoft Azure or anybody else - does not matter as long as you get a fast store, 100% uptime and good support. 

Anton Pachkine @ : Magento Small Business Package.