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Performance difference Magento 2.4 VS 2.3.1

Performance difference Magento 2.4 VS 2.3.1



Currently running 2.3.1


Is there any load time speed performance benefits upgrading from Magento 2.3.1 to 2.4?


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Re: Performance difference Magento 2.4 VS 2.3.1

Hi @twoxadreas ,


Yes of course it is beneficial to upgrade to Magento 2.4 as it is the most optimized version till now with many fixes and security patches enabled. Also, it includes elastic search functionality for product search on the frontend which is also more beneficial and fast as compare to catalog search.


Hope it helps!


Re: Performance difference Magento 2.4 VS 2.3.1

Ok already using the Elastic Search thru a 3rd party, just wanna be sure its worth upgrading as I imagine it will be messy to upgrade because of all customizations we have made so far on this install.


Re: Performance difference Magento 2.4 VS 2.3.1

Here are some key performance differences between Magento 2.4 and the previous 2.3.1 release:

Page Builder Improvements: Magento 2.4 includes significant enhancements to the page builder for faster page loading and editing compared to 2.3.1.

Deferred Javascript: JavaScript bundling and deferred loading is enabled by default in 2.4 for faster page rendering. These optimizations were not in 2.3.1.

Asynchronous Web APIs: The web APIs have been upgraded to asynchronous execution which improves response times. Synchronous API calls would block page loading in 2.3.1.

Reduced JavaScript Payload: Unnecessary JavaScript has been eliminated in the admin and frontend interfaces to deliver pages faster.

Image Optimization: Next-gen image optimization is available in 2.4 for 30%+ smaller image file sizes on average.

Minification Enhancements: Additional minification of CSS/HTML/JavaScript improves page load times and bandwidth utilization.

Testing Framework: A new automated testing framework catches performance regressions during development to prevent new bottlenecks.

Re: Performance difference Magento 2.4 VS 2.3.1

They removed some redundant Javascript, that's one reason. Plus security, I believe 2.3 reached end of life.