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Session ID issues with Magento 2

Session ID issues with Magento 2

I'm having a lot of issues with session IDs on Magento 2. The main issue is that they seem to keep returning or be difficult to switch off, even with an option in the admin to turn them off as they seem to re-appear. I don't know if anyone else has had this and found a solution? 

Secondly, they're switched on by default which is fine though not ideal for SEO, but also there is the line in the default robots txt that says - Disallow: /*?SID= which blocks Google from crawling URLs with session IDs which would be all if they're on, which is obviously a problem if session ID keeps switching it's self on. 


Anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong or experienced similar issues? 


Re: Session ID issues with Magento 2

Disabling the session id in admin panel works fine in my setup.


Share the Magento version to reproduce the issue.