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Slow performance on Cloud Hosting. Would upgrading help?

Slow performance on Cloud Hosting. Would upgrading help?

I have a Magento 2.1.5 active deployment that was launched almost 9 months ago.  It works fine, but lately I've been getting a few complaints from customers that it's running pretty slow.  I've also noticed this myself.  It's not a connection issue.  


The store has over 30,000 products listed and about 100 customer accounts.  We're a Business to Business seller, so our customers are almost all actively using the site daily to build orders that they then place at the end or beginning of the week.


Cloud Hosting Specs:  

2 Core

4GB Memory


Magento Running on PHP 7.0.27


Would upgrading this help with performance?  Adding more CPU power or Memory?  Or is it an optimization issue and the above specs should be more than enough to keep speed up?


I'm planning on upgrading to Magento 2.2.3 and really don't want performance problems to hinder that process.  Should I upgrade the hosting, then update Magento and work on optimizations then?  Or should I optimize my current deployment and then update to the newest Magento version?  


Thanks for the help.




Re: Slow performance on Cloud Hosting. Would upgrading help?

Hi there,


Try 4 vCPUs and 8gb RAM - it's very easy to test with cloud setup and that upgrade will not cost too much extra - hardware is not very expensive. If this will not help, we would move the database to a separate server. we have clients using multi-server setup and it really helps with performance. Being B2B with only 100 users you will probably not need multiple web servers and a load balancer but having your database on a separate server usually makes the real difference in performance and stability. 

Hope this helps.


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Re: Slow performance on Cloud Hosting. Would upgrading help?



what is your site url? 


How many unique visitors per month?


Before doing anything you might want to enable M2 profiler (google how to do that) and have a look at the trace. In fact paste the trace here.

Re: Slow performance on Cloud Hosting. Would upgrading help?

Before you upgrade, try to determine the cause of the slow performance first with tools like the profiler and see if there's any way that you can fix the problem. 


If the cause of the slowness is due to the lack of resources like CPU and RAM, upgrading will help but otherwise it may not help much, if at all. 


Another important aspect is server optimization. You need to make sure that your server is properly tuned and optimized specifically for your Magento store's setups. If you are unsure about this, your hosting provider or server administrator should be able to help with this. 

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Re: Slow performance on Cloud Hosting. Would upgrading help?

i would start with profiler and check your latest code changes

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