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I'm here to let you guys know about my  issues with the It is the worst place to host your magento website and don't even listen to them while they're telling that they support Magento.


I have my website with them and the site only has 50 products which is reasonable but their server always down and can't even count how many times a day. The Technical Support is the worst, submit a ticket today and they will reply or help whenever they want. The only time they're present is before you purchase the plan from them. Once they get your money, it's Over.


I warn you guys about them and don't be next victim like me unless you want your website to down every 45-60 minutes you can consider them.


Thank You,



Re: : Warning Worst webhosting for Magento

Hi Nicolas,


sorry about all the problems with this host but you have to consider the price . there is no way anybody can give you much (any) support and server resources for $2.85/month. I agree it's not wise for them to advertise support for magento while dumping 100s if not thousands of websites on the same server but you get what you paid for.

there are many reliable hosts on this forum who will migrate your store and ensure 100% uptime. 


Anton Pachkine @ : Magento Small Business Package.

Re: : Warning Worst webhosting for Magento

I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience with them. Smiley Sad


As @Finestshops mentioned, budget hosting providers are known to cram hundreds and thousands of accounts into underpowered servers to turn a profit, which is not good at all for your website, especially when you run applications like Magento which requires more resources than what they can provide. 


As they are a mass market provider and not Magento focused, I wouldn't expect too much, if any support for Magento from them. If you need Magento related support, you may want to consider going with a provider who is focused on Magento and not a mass market budget provider.