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TTFB to high in Bundle Product list page

TTFB to high in Bundle Product list page

Hello everyone,


I have a performance problem with the category page that contains specifically bundle products. It shows 36 bundle products and every product has a lot of products inside. This page may take up to 6 seconds to load, and the rest of the website is very fast in comparison, other product pages with custom configurable products take 1 second or less.


It is Magento 2.1.9 and php 7.0.27. Is not hardware problem, the server machine has 32 cpu core, 128GB of memory, and  ssd. And I tried the original theme without the custom extensions, but is still to slow.


With a profiler I can see that the problem is this file:


So I though that the problem is the price calc, I changed the template to show 1€ instead of the getPrice function and then the page is so fast as the rest of the website, so it must be that. I don't know if Magento can't handle so much products at the moment of get the minimal price of the bundle product, or maybe bundle products needs some configuration extra, but the page is too slow for being in production.


I upload some captures with the performance for you.

Captura de pantalla_2018-04-10_13-03-49.pngCaptura de pantalla_2018-04-10_13-02-55.pngCaptura de pantalla_2018-04-10_13-03-25.pngCaptura de pantalla_2018-04-10_13-02-02.pngCaptura de pantalla_2018-04-10_13-01-13.png


Thank you in advance.


Re: TTFB to high in Bundle Product list page

I am having the same issue. Did you fixed the issue?


All my category and search result pages are slow.

Re: TTFB to high in Bundle Product list page

Did you get the solution to improve the TTFB?

Re: TTFB to high in Bundle Product list page

The best way to improve TTFB is using a proper caching solution. What caching solution you are using on your server?