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Theme Issues (Menu) on Magento 2

Theme Issues (Menu) on Magento 2

Hey all,


I recently installed Magento 2, and my hosting provider is Bluehost. I got a theme from Template Monster, and it installed fine, however the megamenu feature isn't working like it did in the demo.


My site: 

Demo site:


Issue: The alignment for the items in the megamenu are out of alignment. 



I contacted tech support there and this is what they said:


Thank you for reaching the Technical Department of!

Currently the problem is not related to the template/theme nor Magento engine but rather is a matter of your Hosting web server configuration / settings.

In order to illustrate what we are talking about, we've completely removed template/theme styles from the following directory:
We've also removed the cache in /var/cache directory and /pub/static/
Therefore, there is no cache left, however the modules.css file was still available / accessible from your site within the cache dirrectory:
We recommend you to contact your hosting provider for that matter to resolve the problem.



So I contacted Bluehost tech support, and they said it didn't look like a hosting issue (I don't think they actually checked anything). So here I am. Any ideas?





Re: Theme Issues (Menu) on Magento 2

Review the permissions -


And double check the theme is installed correctly. I don't see any failed loads on the page you linked via Chrome console, so something simply isn't being called at all.


And if static was flushed, try re-deploying static files then clear the cache.