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Unable to operate in dashboard menus and lagged behavior

Unable to operate in dashboard menus and lagged behavior

Hello everyone, 


For a week I have been having a problem with both the Magento Admin and Website. 


Problem started after I requested hosting to verify the reason why I was not able to see the on the page the effective changes edited in the modules.css file. 


Hosting told me that a Fix Cache configuration in the cpanel was preventing the changes to be visible. The performed some changes. 


After this, both the site and the Admin Page got corrupted, the appearance of both was decomposed. 


Hosting then said: I temporary stopped the caching from the cpanel-> supercacher, level 1 I also entered the cpanel-> file manager -> thi path there public_html/var/cache and cvler that folder content 

With no apparent help. 


Hosting went on to restore to a version previous to the crash and they managed to get the site and admin to look back to normal. 


However, after this, I have been struggling with inability to do any type of operations:


  1. for days I had a persisting message to reindex the Customer Grid. Hosting reindexed several times but the message was ever present. No it is gone
  2. The loading of pages was extremely slow, both in the Website and also in the admin page. They have changed some configurations and pages load faster. When the do load. 
  3. While navigation on the website, I have to reload several times to do from one page to the other. F. Ex. From home page to a blog post and then back to the homepage. The navigation gets stuck in spinning
  4. Same situation in the Admin Panel, I can usually navigate to the dashboard but not to any of the menu categories, generally the submenu window will not open
  5. When the submenus open and I have access to Blog, F. Ex. when I click on blog, the page will remain in spinning mode indefinitely. Will seldom show the blog posts list.
  6. When able to open a blog post F. Ex. I am not able generally, to move any further to edit existing or new posts. 
  7. This is the behavior throughout the admin page. 

According to Template Monster support,  The issue is primarily related to the Magento 2 cache management, the static view files are created improperly on the server and it causes the issue.

And suggested to get help from Magento. 


I will really appreciate any help with this issue and also if anyone knows where I can find the standard cache parameters.


Kind regards,


Jorge Divo






Re: Unable to operate in dashboard menus and lagged behavior

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